Planet X Housing Co-operative was formed on December 2nd, 1987 under the Community Housing Program by a group of single people in need of secure housing in the inner city/inner west area. Planet X took up occupancy of its building in Chippendale on 18th June 1996. It is a three level building with a combination of 1 bedroom, studio and loft apartments. In 2002 it expanded to include 2 three bedroom houses in Marrickville to accommodate two families.

Planet X only allows for one tenant, and hence one Member, per household. Any other occupants of a household are considered to be authorised additional occupants. It currently comprises a total of 14 adults and 1 child, aged between 10 and 65 years of age.

Planet X endeavours to have at least 65% of its tenant members meet the income eligibility requirements for public housing as determined by NSW Department of Housing. Rent is calculated at 25% of tenants’ gross income (up to a maximum equivalent to local market rent).

Planet X is an incorporated body – all adult members are directors with all the associated collective and individual legal obligations. Members meet at least monthly and decisions are made by consensus. Tasks and responsibilities are assumed by all members.

Objectives of Planet X Housing Co-operative

  • To provide secure, affordable and appropriate housing for its members
  • To allow for tenant members to exercise control over their housing through participation in the management and decision making process of the co-op
  • To establish tenant management and administration that allows for full participation and control by tenants
  • To further non-profit and democratic principles of the co-op generally and housing co-ops in particular
  • To accommodate as far as possible the changing needs of its members and that of the Community Housing sector

Values of Planet X Housing Co-operative
Planet X Housing Co-operative believes the following values are intrinsic to our objectives and all that we do:

  • A commitment to social justice, notably in relation to housing and accommodation
  • A belief in the principles of participation and cooperation for achieving individual and social goals
  • A respect for difference and diversity with a commitment to equity and access
  • A professional attitude to standards of good governance, financial accountability and service provision
  • A belief in a peer learning and community based ethic
  • A commitment to principles of sustainable housing and communities within an ecological framework

Responsibility of Planet X members

  • Members must attend at least 75% of General Meetings and must put in apologies if they intend to be absent
  • Members must take part in sub-committees on a rotating basis. The standing committees are Finance, Maintenance, Rent, Tenancy Management, External Affairs, Common Area/Gardening, Policy, Conflict Resolution, Office and Training. Additional committees are formed as the need arises.
  • Members are required to familiarise themselves with and abide by co-op policies and rules.
  • All rent must be paid at least two weeks in advance.

For further information please e-mail: planetx@iinet.net.au


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